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Sprockids Bike Program

Kids Engaged With Mountain Biking

Sprockids is an all-inclusive youth mountain biking program designed to teach kids the fundamentals of mountain biking through fun and engaging activities. Not only do kids learn many mountain biking skills, they also get to meet other kids from the Comox Valley that are interested in the cycling.

“Mountain biking is all about having adventure, fun, adrenaline, and discovery. The Sprockids Program teaches young people 55 skills, which enable them to safely and successfully enjoy mountain biking. The program serves as the catalyst in engaging young people, their parents, and others in creating a cycling community where all generations share a common interest and activity, that being cycling and the lifestyle that accompanies it.”

— Sprockids Program

Contact us to find out when the next Sprockids program will take place.

Continue Your New Skills!

We will help you select a new bike to continue the mountain biking skills you learned in the Sprockids program.