Retro vs Modern Giant TCR


When it was first introduced in the pro peloton nearly 20 years ago, Giant’s Compact Road Design was a radical departure from the standard frame geometry that had defined road bikes for decades. The first TCR, unveiled with Team ONCE in 1997, changed the direction of road bike design forever. 
In this new video feature from Global Cycling Network, the history of the TCR is covered, including how it came to be and what specific technical advantages it provided to competitive road racers. 
Riding an original Team ONCE TCR (Total Compact Road), GCN presenter Simon Richardson says: “This right here is one of the most important bikes of the last 20 years. It’s DNA has spread to all corners of the bike industry. In fact it’s so well integrated now that you probably wouldn’t think to even look anymore. This bike has amassed a huge number of professional victories. In fact, you could probably argue that this is the most successful model of road bike ever.”
In addition to covering the history of Giant’s Compact Road Design, GCN also details its latest offspring, the cutting edge 2017 TCR Advanced SL Disc. 
“The difference between the old and the new, it has to be said, is pretty striking,” Richardson says. “As beautiful as the old [TCR] was, as fantastic as it still is to ride, this one is just so much stiffer, and it feels an awful lot faster.”