New Liv Pique and Hail

The Hail 

These days, women are riding harder than ever, and the growth of enduro racing has led to more riders regularly searching out rough, technical trails. Liv recognized that although successful, its beefed up Intrigue SX lacked some of the features that a 160mm bike should offer. Liv Ambassador and former world champion, Leigh Donovan, was pushing for a true 160mm bike, and customer feedback urged for the same. So Liv sat down and thought hard about the bike they wanted to build to truly fill the void.
They honed in on body geometry data gathered from the Global Body Index of what type of rider they thought would be using this bike, then applied their findings to a blank slate and their 160mm bike geometry wish list. They then added rider feedback from Leigh Donovan as well as Lindsey Voreis, and went through three frame iterations before settling on the final product. 

The Pique 

The Lust’s replacement, the Pique is dubbed as an ‘aggressive XC’ bike. With 120mm of travel, it’s a bike Liv believe is light enough and fast enough to take to your favorite XC race, but one that can also handle a decent amount of rough terrain. The Pique features the same technologies as the Hail – Advanced Composite layup and Aluxx Aluminum versions, Maestro suspension with the new advanced composite link and metric shock sizing. It also comes with Boost hub spacing for added stiffness and 1x drivetrains across the board.