New Devinci Django and Factory Tour!

Freedom on the bike is all about breaking from the starch and sending it into the dirt-sphere with power, speed, and finesse. Devinci’s new Split-Pivot Django actualizes those aspirations on the trail, with an optimal blend of 130mm front/120mm rear suspension. Surefooted 27.5 wheels enhance traction on wet, slippery surfaces and deliver appreciated stability. And alloy and carbon frame architecture augments punchy acceleration with precision handling and a lively overall feel. Whether sticking fierce, fast descents or finding optimal flow over upturned environments, Django seizes the opportunities ahead. 

  For more than 25 years, Devinci has designed and built bikes that exceed the highest industry standards. This video present the production of the all new Django. A rare opportunity to learn more about Devinci’s expertise, live from our factory in Chicoutimi, Canada.  Factory tour here